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We at Clydeside Logistics are always recruiting and the door is open to anyone over the age of 15 who loves ETS2  or ATS and wants to venture into the VTC world. 

What do you need?

    1. A legal copy of the game on steam

    2. A Trucksbook account

    3. A Discord account

    4. A Truckers MP account (optional)

    5. Promods (Optional)

        You can find links to all the above here

How is it different from just playing on your own?

    1. It doesn't have to be much different at all, basically you could just carry on just playing single player just as            you were, but the jobs will log for Clydeside logistics and you will be part of the Clydeside Family and in the          Discord server. Chatting to other people really does make the miles fly by.

    2. We will not tell you when or where to drive

    3. We will not tell you what to drive or what to Haul

    4. If you want too you can join Truckers MP (Multiplayer) and truck with the rest of the Family and thousands              of other truckers online.

    5. You can join in our regular Convoys and really get the Trucking Convoy Experience.

    6. It up to you to choose in your own time.

How do you Join?

    1. We have an interview process that all drivers go through, you can ask questions all the way through and you          will be assisted in getting the basic setup sorted out (Further Technical Support Available)

    2. You will need to sign the Rules agreement and apply to join our company on Trucksbook

    3. Very importantly, you will need to drive below the 62mph in ETS2 and 81mph in ATS speed limit at all times.        ( We only log REAL miles and anything over 62mph or 81mph is classed as RACE and does not count)

Why should you join?

    1. We have an amazing Family orientated community that is here to support you in every aspect of the VTC                experience

    2. We will ensure you get the most out of your ETS2 or ATS and VTC trucking experience

    3. We are challenging for the TOP spot in the UK Trucksbook table for REAL Miles

    4. We have advanced Technical support available to our members.

    5. Weekly Convoys (Optional)

    6. Monthly Competitions and Raffles

    7. Custom Skins (Single Player Only)*

Still Interested? click the Join Us Button below to hop into the Discord Server and find out more

*skins are only available once you are out of your probationary period.

Join this great family today

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