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Company Structure & Roles

Clydeside Logistics has a simple Management structure and Roles within the Discord Server

The Company is run very much like a real company, we have 3 Directors who make all the  decisions with the MD having a casting vote if required. We also have a Junior Director who assist the other 3 directors as required.


Decision Making

Managing Director & Owner - Graham Prestwood

Founding Director & Owner - Matthew Price

Director & Owner - Portia Haines

Junior Director - Jayden Prestwood

The day to day running of the server is carried out by the directors where available and dedicated and trusted members of the Discord community

                            Convoy Staff                                                   Tech Support                                                                       Jayden                                                                       Graham


Our Drivers are split into 2 Categories

 🆑Probationary Driver

    A Driver who has just joined and who is in their Probationary period, this is           re-evaluated each weekend by the Directors . The probationary period can last up to 1 month and is judged on contribution to the community by way of Chat and miles.


A Driver who is no longer in their Probationary period and is now a fully fledged member of the VTC.

   Happy Trucking!!!

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