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Dismissed Driver History

This section is a history of Drivers we have had to part company with and a brief description of the reasons.

It is not designed to "Name & Shame" anyone, only to protect us and help other VTC's when they are recruiting.

If a VTC owner would like further information please contact us.

Conner Lazarro-White - Misconduct 

Tyler Dowie - Misconduct


In February 2021 we introduced a Yellow Card system as below


Any Trusted Driver found to be Abusing and or Ramming etc; other VTC members and / or other road users, or bringing the VTC name into question. Will after careful investigation, if found guilty will be given a two month Yellow card.

If another Yellow card is received within that 2 months then it will result in a Red Card and  Dismissal from the VTC.

Drivers and Probationary drivers found guilty after investigation will be Dismissed.

All Drivers will have the chance to explain their actions and submit evidence if they wish.

All drivers have agreed to the rules of the VTC when they signed up, the Yellow card System is NEW.

Drivers Dismissed after the Yellow Card System implementation

Luis Featherstone  " Big Fevs "  1st Yellow Card - Disrespectful Conduct

                                                       2nd Yellow Card & Dismissal - Dangerous Driving

Adam May  " Zooka "  Instant Dismissal -  (Gross Misconduct)  - Conduct unbecoming of a Manager   

Damo Helstrip " Daddydamo "  Instant Dismissal - (Gross Misconduct) - Conduct unbecoming of a Manager                             

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