Company History

Clydeside Logistics was started on the 2nd July 2020

You can see our history and track our progression through the Trucksbook table below In July 2021 we started playing ATS as well, keep an eye out for those stats coming soon

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July 16th.png

Month 1

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July 2020 - 16th Place

This was the start, running from 2 members and ending the month with 242,992 Real Miles driven by 21 Drivers

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August 9th.png

Month 2

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August 2020 - 9th Place

Month 2 saw steady progress up to 9th place, now with 30 active drivers we managed 279,109 Real Miles

companies August 2020.jpg
September 7th.png

Month 3

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September 2020 - 7th Place

Month 3 saw us progress to 7th place, with an improved 310,257 Real Miles. We lost a few drivers though and ended up with 18 active drivers.

companies September 2020.jpg
October 9th.png

Month 4

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October 2020 - 9th Place

Month 4 was a strange month, we slipped back to 9th Place, dropped to 15 active drivers but still managed an improved 375,393 Real Miles.

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November 6th.png

Month 5

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November 2020 - 6th Place

Month 5 was another steady improvement, we went back to 18 active drivers, 6th Place in the UK and a much improved 444,899 Real Miles

companies november 2020.jpg
December 3rd.png

Month 6

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December 2020 - 3rd Place 🥉

Month 6 was a huge progression for us, we broke into the top 3 and cracked the Half a million miles mark. We had 33 active drivers and did 673,786 Real Miles

companies december 2020.jpg
January 2021 3rd.png

Month 7

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January 2021 - 3rd Place 🥉

Month 7 was a great month again holding 2nd place for most of the month. We finished 3rd but really progressed on the miles. we had 38 active drivers who drove 953,118 Real Miles

companies january 2021.jpg
February 2021 2nd

Month 8

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February 2021 - 2nd Place 🥈

Month 8 was a great month again holding 1st place for half the first half of the month. We finished 2nd but again improved on the miles. We had 53 active drivers who drove 1,385,537 Real Miles

companies february 2021.jpg
March 5th.png

Month 9

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March 2021 - 5th Place

Month 9 was a steady month after such a hard push in February, most of our drivers took a chance to have a bit of a quiet month and a rest, we still did 743,198 Real miles with 41 active drivers

companies march 2021.jpg
01-05-2021 3rd april.png

Month 10

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April 2021 - 3rd Place 🥉

Month 10 was a strange month for us, we had a management team change a real steady start to the month, but picked the last 2 weeks up to do 930,766 Real miles with 43 drivers active. 

companies april 2021.jpg
May Finished 1st Place.png

Month 11

May 2021 - 1st Place 🥇

Month 11 was our best month ever, although it was far from plain sailing, we achieved a huge 1,462,032 Real miles. We had 44 active drivers who all played their part in this amazing achievement.

companies may 2021.jpg
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01-07-2021 2nd Place (June).jpg

Month 12

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June 2021 - 2nd Place 🥈

Month 12 was actually a rest month for us after working so hard in may, but we still managed to finish 2nd, we had 39 active drivers who did 794,389 Real Miles

companies june 2021.jpg
01-08-2021 ets 7th.jpg

Month 13

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July 2021 - 7th Place

Month 13 was a really slow month for us, with lockdown finishing and people going back to work and socialising more, but we still had 33 active drivers who did 329,397 Real miles

companies july 2021 ets.jpg
01-08-2021 ats 1st.jpg

Month 13

ATS Logo.png

July 2021 - 1st Place 🥇

Month 13 was our first go at ATS and considering we didn't start until day 10 we did ok, We had 19 active drivers who drove 162,201 Real miles

companies july 2021 ats.jpg
August 2021 ets 7th.jpg

Month 14

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August 2021 - 7th Place

Month 14 was a strange month, we started hard but lost some key members due to personal issues, we ended up with 30 active drivers driving 398,518 Real Miles

companies august 2021 ets.jpg

Month 14

ATS Logo.png

August 2021 - 11th Place

Month 14 was a real disappointment for ATS 2 of our key ATS drivers were away so its was a shadow of July, we had 9 active drivers who drove 31,269 Real Miles.

companies august 2021 ats.jpg
August 2021 ats 11th.jpg
September ETS 11th.jpg

Month 15

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September 2021 - 11th Place

Month 15 was a slow month, with so many people returning to work and socialising again. we had 24 active drivers wo drove 256,058 real Miles

companies September 2021 ets.jpg
September ATS 4th.jpg

Month 15

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September 2021 - 4th Place

Month 15 wasn't a bad month really we only had 9 active drivers but still managed to achieve 4th place and 81,849 real miles

companies September 2021 ats.jpg
October ets 11th.jpg

Month 16

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October 2021 - 11th Place

Month 16 was steady again. we had 19 active drivers who drove 276,407 real Miles

companies October 2021 ets.jpg

Month 16

ATS Logo.png

October 2021 - 3rd Place 🥉

Month 16 wasn't a bad month really we only had 3 active drivers but still managed to achieve 3rd Place and 82,975 real miles

companies October 2021 ats.jpg
October ats 3rd.jpg
01-12-2021 ets November 9th.jpg

Month 17

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November 2021 - 9th Place

Month 17 was a steady month, with so many we had 15 active drivers wo drove 229,170 real Miles

companies November 2021 ets.jpg
01-12-2021 ats November 4th.jpg

Month 17

ATS Logo.png

November 2021 - 4th Place

Month 17 was actually our best month on ATS with 141,190 real miles, but everyone else has pushed hard and we only achieved 4th place

companies November 2021 ats.jpg

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