Mileage Statistics & Achievements ATS

Here you can see our Top drivers on a month by month basis and some of their achievements

July 2021

July top 3 drivers ats 110%.jpg

August 2021

August top3 ats 110%.jpg

September 2021

September top3 ats 110%.jpg
Mini Clydeside Flag.jpg

October 2021

October top3 Drivers ats 110%.jpg
Mini Clydeside Flag.jpg

November 2021

November top3 Drivers ats110%.jpg
Mini Clydeside Flag.jpg

Best Daily Total (Driver)

Rich 12386.jpg
Rich 11393.jpg
Rich 9449.jpg

Best Daily Total (VTC)

Best daily 19658.jpg

Best Weekly Total (VTC)

best weekly 95307.jpg

Best Monthly Total (VTC)

best monthly 162201.jpg

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